How To Be Green Using Water-Wise Irrigation Methods

How To Be Green Using Water-Wise Irrigation Methods

how-to-be-green-with-irrigationMany gardeners water by hand with a hose or set up a sprinkler and let it run, but there are more water-wise and time-efficient methods that will deliver water directly to your plants and save you time.

USE A SOAKER HOSE –  Instead of spraying and wasting lots of water, lay a soaker hose. These hoses use up to 70 percent less water than a sprinkler than a sprinkler but still provide water to plants where they need it the most.

Install A Drip Irrigation System –  A system of tubes and valves, a drip irrigation system delivers the right amount of water to each plant. You can attach a timer, as well.

Use A Rain Barrel – Attached to your home’s down-spout, a rain barrel collects the runoff from your roof when it rains. You can then harvest the rainwater for your plants or connect it directly to your irrigation system.

Check Hoses – Maintain your equipment, fix drips and leaks, and replace as soon as needed.

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